Kathleen Maggio is an author, educator, disability advocate, lecturer, and mother of six.  She lives in a holler in Virginia’s southwest corner with Kevin, her husband, and their youngest daughter.

She has been published in magazines such as Ladybug and Jack and Jill, and has contributed to several books on disabilities.  She has also written and produced a play based on the traditional story of “Stone Soup.”

Kathleen, as a mother of a child with disabilities, has lectured throughout Virginia as well as nationally on disability issues affecting children.  Copies of her lectures, especially the one entitled, “The Chocolate History of Education for Children with Disabilities,” have been reprinted by request throughout the country.

As a teacher, she has spent the last 16 years tutoring children who are on homebound instruction.   Kathleen discovered that many of these young people who were in trouble in their schools or with the law couldn’t read well.  It was a light bulb moment.  She reasoned that perhaps their situations resulted from overcompensating for their inability to read.  With this in mind, she went back to college and earned a master’s degree in reading.  It is her hope that parents, teachers and kids will come together on this web site and share stories and strategies about reading.

Kathleen has just finished writing a middle school/teen book, The Visitant, a fantasy set in the rural Northeast in the turbulent 1960’s.  Sterling is an average teen until she’s suddenly transported into a strange home.  Then it happens again, and again…until her life really turns upside down.