Hear the fanfare? I now have high speed Internet service, so if I can stop procrastinating, I might get posts up on a regular basis. Yay!

This month, while the winds howl and the snow blows, you can read or reread The BFG by Roald Dahl. It is one of my all-time favorites and will be released in theaters as a Steven Spielberg film in July. If you haven’t read it, you will enjoy the irreverent humor and light, but engaging story, and so will your child. Make sure that you read it right up to its back cover, because just when you thought you knew everything, you find out you really didn’t.

I have even used this book for a high school student who was a very reluctant reader and he loved it, chuckling at the wordplay throughout. On that note, here is a collection of techniques that teachers use. It’s called scaffolding. I like the name, because you can visualize how it works. Start at the level you like and then remove pieces of scaffolding as they are not needed. There are other steps that can be inserted if needed.


  1. Read aloud – making sure that you stop often to discuss what is being read.
    1. Read books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or One Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, where kids can anticipate the text. Let them “read” those words.
      1. Likewise, reread favorite stories over and over. This helps kids feel that they are readers.
    2. Echo read – you read a short piece aloud and then have your child read the piece.
    3. Take turns – by sentences, paragraphs and pages.
    4. Independent reading – just because your child is reading without you, don’t forget to discuss each book.


Now pour out some hot cocoa, put your feet up and enjoy this one kid’s book that isn’t just for kids anymore.


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