The BFG by Roald Dahl


One night during the bewitching hour, the Big Friendly Giant steals Sophie, and carries her back to Giant Country which is the home of terrible and huge giants including Childchewer, Bloodbottler, Butcher Boy, Bonecruncher and the biggest and meanest giant of all, Fleshlumpeater. While BFG gags on nasty snozzcumbers, the others go out each night and guzzle human bean chiddlers (human children). Find out how Sophie and the BFG join forces to stop the child chomping.

So, what food will you need to guzzle while reading The BFG? Bean dip and cucumber sticks (not to be confused with filthy snozzcumbers) and frobscottle (red soda) of course! Just don’t go whizzpopping around your mom!

The BFG is a hilarious book full of strange words that are fun to say like shrivelly shrimp, squaggy squib, and grobby grub, and there are goofy pictures on most pages. Make sure that you read every page because there is a surprise awaiting you at the end.

Oh, the author, Roald Dahl also wrote James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and lots more. If you like this, check out his other fantastical books.

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