The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG is incredibly rich with ‘teacher’ stuff, and it is so much fun to read that your students should love it. Older reluctant readers will even find it a page turner. Don’t confine this book to just English class. There are opportunities for history and geography classes as well.

History & Geography

  1. Map study. If you don’t have adequate maps, I found this link helpful
    1. Check out Big People’s section concerning UK
    2. As class reads about human beans, check out locations
      1. Print out maps and post appropriate beans to it.
  2. Who was Louis XV?
  3. Who was King Charles I?

English Grammar

  1. Vocabulary
    1. green grocer
    2. butler
    3. ladybird
    4. waistcoat
    5. sacked (British slang for being fired)
    6. dressing gown
    7. brooch
    8. ruddy
    9. squib
    10. grub
    11. cardigan
    12. wellies (British slang for boots)
  2. Alliteration
    1. Childchewer
    2. Bloodbottler
    3. Butcher Boy
    4. Maid Masher
    5. Goocheys Green Grocer
    6. troggy twit
    7. ruddy runt
    8. shrivelly shrimp
    9. mucky midget
    10. squaggy squib
    11. grobby grub
  3. Scrambled sayings and words. Decipher these and then make up your own.
    1. Phew and far between
    2. Save our solos
    3. Make your teeth stand on end
    4. Once in a blue baboon
    5. Keep your skirt on
    6. Peas out of a poddle
    7. Rack Jobinson
    8. Strawbunkles and cream
    9. Elefunt
    10. Fibster
    11. Fibbling
    12. Cattlepiddlers (caterpillars)
    13. Mispise (dispise)
    14. Disappearing int a thick ear
    15. Catasterous
    16. Disatrophe
    17. Reduncubus
    18. Crook and nanny
    19. Chittering
    20. Mrs Sippi
    21. Mis Souri


  1. Wind: (pp. 20/21)
    1. Stung Sophie’s cheek
    2. Whipped her head back
    3. Whistled in her ears
    4. Howling

English Short Answer Questions

Using logic to come with appropriate response or using book to find answers, and then figure out why the BFG said that.

Question: describe what these humanbeans would most likely taste like according to the BFG.

  1. Turks (p 26) glamourly flavor tasting of turkey
  2. Greeks (p 26) uckyslush all tasting greasy – no giant eats
  3. Panama human beans (p 26) taste very strong of hats
  4. Wales (p 28) tasting very whooshey of fish
  5. Jersey (p 28) wooly tickle on tongue – tasting of cardigans (United Kingdom Jersey)
  6. Danes from Denmark (p. 28) taste ever so much of dogs…the BFG is confused with #7
  7. Labradors (p 29) taste of Great Danes
  8. Wellington, New Zealand human beans (p 30) – taste of boots
  9. Swedish (p 123) sweet and sour tasting

English Essay Questions

  1. What would you keep in your dream bottles? How would you mix your own dreams?
  2. If the BFG kidnapped you from the United States would your plan be to escape or teach the other giants a lesson? Write about your plan.


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